Optimistic Soundz is an independent record label and media company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, created in 2009 by Mwanje Thompson. Mwanje has been in love with music since the age of 6 which is when he joined his church’s choir. In high school, he began to play his first instrument, the trumpet, but fell in love with the piano. Mwanje then started to write music and learned how to produce music using FL Studio 9. After high school, he started using Logic Pro on Macbook and then started recording music. Optimistic Soundz was a concept created his freshman year at the Milwaukee School of Engineering with the hope that the sound of music will be forever changing. Transferring from the Milwaukee School of Engineering to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Mwanje graduated with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing in 2014. This new love for marketing sparked the idea of changing Optimistic Soundz from a concept to an independent online boutique record label where recording artist could, “discover their sound and change the game.”

In 2020, Optimistic Soundz changed from just being an independent online boutique record label to a multi-media company called Optimistic Soundz+. The mission is to help creatives discover, develop, and distribute content that inspire others to create. This includes producing podcasts, developing content for YouTube channels, helping gamers build their Twitch channel audiences, while still helping recording artists “discover their sound.” Creativity is in an abundance and Optimistic Soundz+ wants to help emerging creatives utilize their talents to create something life changing.